• The best, worst and WTF moments from the past year. 

    2012 The Year in Review: Part 3

    10. Lena Dunham and Girls: When it came to Lena Dunham's HBO show Girls, people either drank the Kool-Aid and dubbed in the best new show on TV; or gulped the haterade and denounced Dunham for everything from her weight to her famous parents and her all-white cast. Both camps are likely counting down the days until season two premieres in January. 

    9. Lana Del Rey: Speaking of haters, remember Lana Del Rey? When she appeared on Saturday Night Live, her performance went over about as well as if she had "clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem." Even Brian Williams hated it, but LDR went on to release two albums and a couple of very epic videos—co-starring alternately some hot dudes, and then some very un-hot dudes

    8. Instagram: It's doubtful that there was a single second of 2012 that WAS NOT documented on Instagram. And if there was anyone out there who got nail art but failed to 'gram it, well, then, we feel bad for you—just think of all the 'Likes' you missed out on.

    7. Hostess shuts down: Talk about a bummer: Hostess goes out of business the very same month that marijuana was legalized (oh, the irony). For a while, there was talk that PBR was going to buy the cupcake manufacturer to revive it, but that was just a rumor made in hipster heaven. So, for now at least, if you want a Twinkie, you'd better start bidding

    6. The US Gymnastics Team: At the 2012 Olympics, the US Gymnastics team took home the gold, and 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won the individual gold, becoming the first African-American woman to do so. McKayla was not impressed, and the Internet loved her for it. 

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