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Let's Bike Austin: Our Guide to the Best Stops in Town

In our new feature On The Road: Let's Bike Austin, we took a trip to one of our favorite southern cities, where we put together a cycle gang of creative locals and toured downtown, hopping off at their go-to pitstops along the way. 

We documented the trip: Jotting down directions and taking notes to create an official Austin Bike Map, perfectly curated by our fellow cyclists. So follow their route and see the sights — the Austinite way!

1. El Chilito:  2219 Manor Drive // Tel. 512.382.3797
First stop: El Chilito's Tacos and Café. Start your day here with the best breakfast tacos in town. There are vegan options and an organic coffee bar, where you can start the day with a fresh cup of joe served hot or on ice. If you're not on wheels, we suggest trying out their delicious frozen mimosas and sangrias to cool off from the hot morning sun (please don't drink and ride). 
UO TIP: Don't worry if you wake up too late: Breakfast is served all day!

2. Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo: 1120 East 3rd Street // 512.472.1851
After breakfast, head south and make sure to stop by Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo. In English, its name translates to "The Light of the World." While seemingly small, the church has an international following of around five million with 3,500 established places of worship around the world, making this short pitstop a true hidden gem!
UO TIP: Our favorite part about this little church is its unique architectural style. At night, the Light of the World sign is lit up!

3. Farewell Books: 913 East Cesar Chavez // 512.473.2665
This progressive bookshop sells cool new (and used) books, zines, tees and more with topics ranging from architecture, counter culture, fashion, film, photography and beyond. They also have an art gallery featuring a variety of openings year-round, most recently displaying the works of Massachusetts-based artist Emma Kohlmann.
UO TIP: Need a boost of energy? Stop by Flat Track Coffee in the back!

4. Fast Folks Cyclery: 1105 East 6th // 512.524.8260
Flat tire? Wonky rim? Rusty chain? Take a break at Fast Folks Cyclery, an independent full-service bike shop, for all your riding needs. This shop is animal friendly—we've spotted puppies, piglets, and cats (#samsoncat)—and if you're lucky, you might get to wear the Fairdale Box on your head. P.S. Is it just us or does working here look like the coolest place ever?
UO TIP: Safety first! The shop motto may be "Live Fast or Die Trying" but if you don't have a helmet, here's the perfect place to pick one up.

5. Franklin BBQ: 900 East 11th // 512.653.1187
Briskets and ribs and sausage, OH MY! Franklin BBQ is our #1 pick for your lunchtime pitstop! The two-hour line is well worth the wait—just keep your eyes closed in the meantime to keep from drooling all over yourself.
UO TIP: They open at 11AM and close when they sell out, so don't wait too long to get there!

6. Alamo Drafthouse Ritz: 320 East 6th Street // 512.861.7020
Catch an afternoon matinee at Austin’s best movie theatre. With daily themes (like Terror Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays and Quote-Alongs) you'll be able to catch a ton of really fun films at a super low price.
UO TIP: Don't forget to check out the Calendar!

7. The White Horse: 500 Comal Street // 512.553.6756
Pop-in here for tacos and two-stepping! There's live music seven days a week, a giant dance floor, pool tables and… get ready for it… WHISKEY ON TAP! We don't blame you if your trip stops here—it's a great place to stay all night.
UO TIP: Make a quick trip to the bathroom to pat the sweat off your face because The White Horse has a photo booth! 

8. South Congress: South Congress Avenue // 512.474.5171
Hop off your bike for a bit to walk this hip strip, checking out the local stores, restaurants and venues. First Thursdays are the best time to see this Avenue at its best. It's an all-ages party with stores open late, special sales, and free drinks (or drink specials) for those who are 21+. There's something here for everyone!
UO TIP:  Head here at sunset for beautiful skyline views.

9. Prototype Vintage Design: 1700 1/2 South Congress Avenue (entrance on Milton Street) // 512. 447.7686
Plain on the outside, insane on the inside! Prototype is the go-to vintage store for Austin’s stylish set. Every blogger, vintage shopper and clothing lover has walked through these doors, scoring one-of-a-kind pieces with a southern twang. Even their website is freakin' perfect! Check it out for news, look books, and to get the scoop on the adorable trio who owns the store.
UO TIP: Bring some extra cash. It's impossible, I repeat, impossible, to leave the store without buying something.

10. Uncommon Objects: 1512 South Congress Avenue // 512.442.4000
Don’t miss this store full of wild antiques. They have everything and anything your brain can dream up. It's the ultimate store for home décor, rare knickknacks and gifts for your friends. Even Yoko Ono makes sure to stop here when she visits Austin!
UO TIP: Don't be afraid to dig around the store and take your time—this place is full of hidden treasures that are not noticeable at first glance.

11. The Mohawk: 912 Red River Street // 512.666.0877
Catch a show at Austin’s best music venue. Some of biggest acts have preformed at this outside venue that has been renovated out of recycled materials. With a main floor and a balcony view, you can see your favorite artist up-close and personal.
UO TIP: Go all out and get ready to have the best night of your life—just be prepared for crowd-surfers!

12. East Side King @ Hole in the Wall:  2538 Guadalupe // 512.363.5365
Fuel up at Top Chef winner Paul Qui's ramen trailer around the side of the Hole in the Wall. Hole in the Wall's venue has a full bar and a local's-only feel to it, but the friendly folks inside will make you feel right at home. 
UO TIP: This spot is right across the street from the University of Texas at Austin's beautiful campus and only a few blocks away from our UT Urban Outfitters store! If you've been biking all day, this is the perfect time to stop in for a change of clothes before your final stop…

13. Ego's: 510 South Congress Avenue // 512.474.7091
All roads end here: A Dive-y karaoke bar with a huge songbook. Once a pretty low-key place, Ego's has made a name for itself in Austin as the go-to karaoke spot in town. It gets super packed on the weekends so if you can, try a weeknight for a smaller crowd!
UO TIP: Get there early and have your song list ready to go. This will guarantee you get a spot on the list... or maybe even two.

Happenings: UO x Converse Austin Shuttle

If you're down in Austin this week and are sick of walking everywhere but aren't about to bring your car out into the madness, we're here to help you out. From Thursday, March 13th through Saturday, March 15th, we're running a free shuttle with pickups and drop-offs at five different locations throughout the city. Running every hour on the hour from 11am-7pm, our UO x Converse shuttle will hit up Austin 360's favorite spots in town. Included in the stops are the Texas State Capitol, The Austin American Statesman grounds for a free concert, and (of course) Urban Outfitters, where you'll be able to get Converse customized by some of our favorite artists. Once you're done seeing the sights of Austin, make sure you head out to our first ever Austin AFTERFEST with Autre Ne Veut and Matthew Dear on Saturday, March 15th. See you soon, Austin!

Person of Interest: Jesse Elliott

With SXSW officially starting up today (and us scrambling to pack our bags), we figured it'd be the perfect time to get a little inside scoop on the great city of Austin. We decided to hit up our good friend and Austinite, Jesse Elliott, to find out the best places to eat, drink and catch some free shows. Katie

Hey Jesse! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Yo. I program electronic music showcases for SXSW and FLOORED, a radio show on SXSWfm.

How long have you lived in Austin?
Off and on since 2006 or so with a few years in Berlin.

How many years have you been going to SXSW?
My friends and I first got our feet wet around 2006 while in college without any credentials, mostly hopping around free shows and late night house parties. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.

Any tips for someone who is going for the first time?
It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Throw your plan out the window and go with the flow. You’re the raddest, not those kids at that place you’re not at. Enjoy da present.

Where is the best place to check out shows?
Cheer Up Charlies is primed with their fresh space on Red River, and I’m excited about my shows in Vulcan Gas Company on 6th – proper club vibes with a new Funktion-One sound system.

Is there any secret way to get into totally packed shows?
For day parties and stuff? Smile, say thank you, don’t get knocked out and maybe you’ll see the way in. For official nighttime showcases? It’s badge/wristband or bust because we roll future tense on punters – ain’t nobody here got time for that.

What have been some of your favorite shows over the years?
The first two shows coming to mind are Deerhunter at the old Club deVille (shit was emotional) and rolling ten deep to Cut Copy during their Bright Like Neon Love days.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?
Amsterdam Dance Event is a huge deal for me this year. Rush Hour x Rwina Records are knocking this one out at The Madison on 3/13. There's also the Soulection crew at the Okayplayer showcase at Vulcan on 3/14, and if time allows I’m gonna try and catch Isaiah Rashad, Paul Woolford, and my beautiful friend Rosie's band BALLET SCHOOL outta Berlin.

What are some of your favorite restaurants/places to eat in Austin?
My favorite trailers are Tony’s Jamaica, Thai Thani, Kebabalicious, Chi’Lantro, Tacos Veracruz, and 313 Detroit Pizza. Favorite sit-downs are Las Casuelas for cheap Mexican, La Condesa for sexy Mexican, Sway for Thai, Casino El Camino for burgers, and Daruma Ramen for ramen (or Ramen Tatsu-ya if you have a car).

Favorite place to get a drink?
YJSC, ze Grackle, and then Dry Creek (when empty) is as good as it gets.

Favorite place to hang when you’re out all night?
Probably wherever Kari Rosenfeld is going.

Are any of the super popular tourist spots actually worth hitting up?
The Blanton is cool, and Mount Bonnell is worth a trip. My suggestion though would be to rent a car and cruise out west of Austin for a day.

Any weird local legends you’d like to share?
There’s a one-eyed pug named Spanky who lives on the Eastside and lives off of Cold One’s popsicles (@coldonespops on Twitter).

Any great vintage or antique stores that you would recommend?
Sam Hill for dudes and Prototype Vintage on South Congress for dudes and you ladies out there.

Where do you like to go when you’re hanging outdoors?
Some friends get real with it and have a group called “State Park Sundays” and have since covered every spot within a three hour radius of Austin. I tag along every few weeks or hit the greenbelt nearby with my brother and his pup, Grizzly. Lots of secret gems out there as well, but I’d get shot listing them here.

Editorial: Devil's Harvest

Riding high with a truckload of new gear from our newest Men's label, Devil's Harvest, these friends spent the day cruising the sun-soaked roads of Southern California, stopping only for gas, girls and a chance to cool off at the local lake in the valley town of Ojai.

Photo Diary: Art Basel Miami Beach

Photo Diary by Jackie Linton

Art Basel Miami Beach is a mad dash; by cab, foot or rented bike, it’s nearly impossible to see all the absurdity, abundance and amazement that the fairs, events and parties have to offerespecially if you sometimes secretly just want to be at the beach! Banner planes fly overhead promoting energy drinks and club nights, and soon enough, once you’ve immersed yourself in the culture of this art week, it won’t seem foreign or unappetizing, to consider either option. There are certainly more things I wish I saw and experienced while I was there, but I’m already looking forward to next year. Here are some of my highlights from three top art fairs, and my first trip to Miami. 

With UNTITLED. Fair only in its second year, it was impressive to see it located right at the beach on Ocean Drive. My favorite galleries included Cooper ColeBeverly’s, and Rawson Projects, as well as this sculpture by Allen Glatter.

If you take an even casual interest in cars, there’s plenty to see outside the fairs—this '60s Porsche 550 Spyder is a legend for being the car that James Dean famously crashed. It's practically a pop art installation in itself.
On the way into Art Basel Miami, I stopped by Printed Matter, one of the best artist edition bookstores, as well as the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to print culture. Here’s Jordan and Keith manning the booth. They had just released a new art book edition, Sender, with photographer Peter Sutherland.

It was cool to see the latest issue of Bad Day there too.

Art Basel is colossal; the whole thing is so definitive that it's difficult to describe it with any shade of personality. Pretty much every established artist in the world is on display. All of it is very institutional, and yet, here I am taking a picture of my reflection against a mirror with garbage.

Many people were attracted to this optical piece Female Stretch by Evan Penny at Sperone Westwater.

As a lot of the work on show draws attention to the spectacle of art and commodity, there’s no better example than Barbara Kruger, showing Untitled (Value) at Mary Boone.

You’ll hear people tell you that NADA Art Miami is the best art fair to see, and this is fairly true. It certainly shows the most international showcase of emerging artists and galleries. It's also a fair with a great sense of humor, which I like. Here’s an artist edition T-shirt that Andrew Kuo made on sale outside. 

Running through the show quickly, I was most taken by this piece by Margaret Lee at Jack Hanley Gallery. I love her use of dots with a ceramic dalmatian, as well as the sense of utility and playfulness. 

Another great thing about NADA is it backs out onto a hotel pool. Really great to combine these two Miami must-dos in one place!

I ran into UO's Assistant Photo Director, Julia Sadler, down by the beach!

More cars for Piston Head in the Herzog & de Meuron parking garage where a whole floor was transformed with artist-commissioned vintage cars. Here’s a classic Buick, once painted by Keith Haring. 

Later, on the final night of the weekend, Bad Day hosted a party with Petra Collins. It was great to relax, see everyone one last time, and celebrate the insanity. We're already talking about what to do for next year!

Dana’s purse was a real weekend party trick. Woof!

Jackie Linton is the Publisher of Bad Day Magazine, a biannual arts and culture magazine. You can find her writing at Alldayeveryday and you can follow her on Twitter @linton_weeks!

Wes Week: From Above - Richie Tenenbaum

If there's one thing Wes Anderson's movies are known for, it's their epic "shots from above." In each shot, a brilliant moment is captured with great detail and beauty.  It's one of the many tools in his directing that he uses to bring you closer to the characters, and by glimpses of their possessions and surroundings, you find out more and more about them. The shots—some simple, some silly, and some absolutely heartbreaking—are praised by fans and critics alike. 

While we may not be able to exactly recreate one of Wes' perfect cinematographic seconds, we can provide you with some products that, when put together, might make you feel for a slight second that you're one of the most beloved characters to ever come out of Mr. Anderson's brain: Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. —Ally

The perfect tent for the tennis playing, all-American boy inside him.

Vintage Classic Stripe Wool Blanket
A striped blanket to put inside your tent.

Magical Thinking Wild Thing Glow-In-The-Dark Tapestry
And a tapestry to decorate the inside.

Andrew Bannacker Black Bird Art Print
The closest thing to Richie's family photo would be a photo of his hawk. The closest thing we have to a hawk is this bird.

An old record player.

With the Stones playing in the background.

A unique collection of something to decorate your record player with.

For a traveler trying to escape his true love, and a map to always find his way back to her.

If you get a large, you can have enough room for two, no matter where you're camping out. Museum? No problem.

Allergy Shield Soft Pillow - Set Of 2
A pillow to rest a troubled head. Or two.

UO's Marissa Maximo on Girls I Know NYC

Urban Outfitters' very own Marissa Maximo was recently featured on our favorite bookmarked website, Girls I Know NYC! I don't know about you, but I think it's a pretty perfect pairing—Marissa is one of the coolest girls WE know in the office, so it only makes sense for her to be featured!

Hear Marissa's New York story here and get an outsiders perspective on our super inspirational Director of Brand Relations and Special Projects.

To learn more about Girls I Know, make sure to read our About A Girl(s) feature interview with the site's founder Jen Steele, and her partner in writing, Anna Gray!—Ally

Rookie: In The Stacks

A couple days ago, Rookie put up this amazing photoset, shot by Molly Dektar and titled "In The Stacks," that shows what life is like for the people who choose to live at the famed Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Basically, anyone who chooses to live in the store can, the only stipulation being that they must also work at the store and they must write a short autobiography before they leave, complete with picture. The photoset of the author's time in the store is a great look at what that life is like. So magical! Booking a plane ticket now, TBH. —Katie

Interview: Graham Hamilton of Surfrider Foundation

We spoke with Graham Hamilton, volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to find out just how they keep the beaches looking so clean.
Interview by Katie Gregory

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little about what you do.
I’m Graham Hamilton, and I’m the chairman of the West Los Angeles Malibu Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. I’m out here today helping you guys conduct a beach cleanup at Malibu Surfrider Beach.

Great! Can you tell us a little bit more about Surfrider Foundation?
Well, Surfrider is a global nonprofit. We started in 1984 and our mission is the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans and beaches. So, throughout our network, we have about 85 chapters worldwide, and every chapter is run by a core group of volunteers. These volunteers are working on a number of issues depending on whatever’s happening within their jurisdiction. For example, here in West L.A. Malibu we do a lot of water quality testing and a lot of education and awareness about single-use plastics. Things like that.

Can you tell us what you guys usually look for when you go out on a beach clean?
When we come out to do a beach cleanup, we’re looking for essentially anything that doesn’t belong on the beach. A lot of times people come out and the beach looks relatively clean, and they don’t really know what they’re doing there, but if you look closely, especially on the high tide line, you can see where the sea has deposited pieces of micro-plastic. Something we found today was a tiny little Barbie slipper which, if it doesn’t get removed from the beach, will ultimately end up in our ocean, and potentially in the food chain. A small piece of plastic like that looks like food to a bird or a sea creature and they don’t think twice about swallowing it.

If somebody wanted to get involved with the foundation, where can they go to learn more about it?
We hold monthly beach cleanups; they're the first Saturday of every month and they’re free and open to the public. If anybody wanted to get involved more directly with the organization, I would recommend that they go to where you can look for your local chapter.

Last question: where’s your favorite place to surf?
My favorite place to surf would be wherever it’s firing. [Laughs] Specifically in L.A. it would have to be Point Dume. It’s beautiful, it feels remote and it doesn’t feel like you’re in L.A. county at all. It’s really, really gorgeous. There’s lots of sea life. I see dolphins and seals out there on a regular basis!

See the rest of our beach cleanup here!

Station to Station Event

Station to Station is, in the project's own words, "a public art project made possible by Levi's." Basically, for 3 weeks in September, a train full of artists and musicians will be traveling cross-country and stopping to perform in 9 cities across America. The train will start its journey in NYC and end its journey in Oakland, CA. From what we can tell, this is going to be a crazy interesting undertaking.

While the general public can't ride on the train themselves, they're able to buy tickets to any of the scheduled stops for $25 each. Some of the artists scheduled to perform are Beck, Cat Power, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Savages, Cold Cave, Dan Deacon, Twin Shadow, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, as well as many, many more. To check out all the stops and artists involved, head on over to the Station to Station about page! And then let me know if you can figure out if Beck will be on the same train as Dan Deacon for 3 weeks because, like, think of all the adventures they would have. —Katie

Threads for Teens: Philadelphia

Allyson Ahlstrom, founder of Threads For Teens

Allyson Ahlstrom, founder of Threads For Teens, is more accomplished as a high school senior than I will ever be in my life. She's spent the entirety of her summer vacation on the road with her company, providing free clothing to girls who are in foster care, group homes and extreme situations of poverty. Over the summer Allyson and her friends and family will be hitting 48 states overall for a total of one city every day. That's seriously impressive!

We caught the Threads For Teens truck as it was in Philadelphia today and were blown away by Allyson and her organization. Allyson and her company can see up to 30 girls every day for shopping appointments which means that they're helping out a ton of girls. If you'd like to follow their travels or find out how you can help, make sure to check out their blog! And if you'd like to see the girls in action, you can catch them on The Today Show after they finish up their tour in VT on August 5. We're so impressed by Allyson and wish her all the best in her future college plans. Seriously, so inspiring. YOU GO, GIRLS! —Katie

Threads For Teens on tour truck

Inside the truck

Cute car, donated by Ford

Comic Con: We Went To A Comedy Central Party

Right in the middle of Friday's Comic Con craziness, we took a break from waiting on line for stuff and tweeting about Teen Wolf to party with some friends from Comedy Central. It was rad. Workaholics dudes continue to be the best. And can someone please send us a Tight Butthole foam hand thing? Thank you. —Dave

Cool sunglasses, bra. (No, really. Where'd you get them?)

The perfect 2013 version of a '90s glamour shot.

Okay, Comedy Central. There are at least three of us here who need one of these. Just sayin'.

Hello, Adam. :-)

Awwwww, yeah.

This was actually shot from 400 yards away with a mega-zoon lens and it's not creepy at all. Hi. :-)


Wanderlust: Road Trip Part 3

(Photo credit: Annie Powers)

With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road. See their intro post here, Part 1 here and Part 2 here! Thanks for taking us along on your trip, guys! To see more from the girls, follow Doria, Lina and Annie on Instagram.

Entry 3, Nashville

600 miles and too many fountain sodas later we arrived in Nashville. It was nighttime when we got there, so we ate burgers at The Pharmacy in East Nashville and went over to Lina's house. But instead of Lina we found Boo, a cozy black cat, nestled in her bed. By morning, the sun was out so brunch was at The Stone Fox near Indiana Ave. Kate, who works there and has rainbow ombre on the under-side of hair, put on the daisy dress with a floral demin top and hopped up on Jamin's green pickup truck, while Jonas put on an American flag tee and stood with his yellow hatchback.

After, we went to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds for the monthly flea market (purchases included $10 boots, $3 "Chanel" studs and $2 rhinestone pins that looked like snowflakes). We met Gregory on the way out when he caught us eyeing a little wooden coffee table at his booth. Instead of saying hello, he handed us each flowers. Of course we bought the table, and in return, he modeled a purple tie dye sweatshirt and showed us his knives. At night, we made face masks from avocados, danced in denim cutoffs in Lina's backyard and listened to karaoke at Santa's Pub, a bar in a double wide trailer where John Denver's classic, "Sunshine on My Shoulders," became our new favorite road trip song.

Wanderlust: Road Trip Part 2

(Photo credit: Annie Powers)

With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road. See their intro post here and Part 1 here!

Entry 2, New Orleans and Mississippi:

We spent a good part of our time in New Orleans skinny dipping. Maybe it's the heat, but there seems to be a general rule around town of "Clothing Optional." We met Aaron in the kitchen at the Country Club where we spent several afternoons making new friends in various states of undress.

Then, when there was a thunderstorm so intense that it knocked the power out, we took our clothes off and jumped in the pool. When we put our clothes back on, we met Willow and Ashley, in NOLA and Mississippi respectively, and dressed them in denim. We stopped in Jackson, MS to visit friends, attend a backyard pool party and hit up Mama Hamil's, the most epic of all the all-you-can-eat bbq buffets.

Stay tuned for part 3!

Wanderlust: Road Trip Part 1

(Photo credit: Annie Powers)

With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road. See their intro post here!

Road Trip Series, The South, Summer 2013:

We arrived in the South on a Tuesday afternoon, pale from a New York winter and ready to embark on a multi-city road trip. It all fit in the trunk of our little white VW Beetle:  twenty-two pairs of sunglasses, fourteen rolls of film, three bags of clothes, two cameras and one killer playlist. We drove from New Orleans to Mississippi, through Alabama and into Nashville, Tennessee. Along the way, we made new friends – a taxi driver from Louisiana with red hair and a pink bathroom who gave us thread for friendship bracelets, a furniture designer who handed us flowers at the flea market and, among others, a big, grey cat named Julius, who has a missing tooth and a lovely house on the Pelahatchie Bay in Jackson, Mississppi.

New Orleans:

We met a lot of interesting people along the way. Johnny was playing Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s "Je T’aime...Moi Non Plus" when we met him at the Vietnamese restaurant that you can only get to through the back of the bar in the Bywater. The next day, at his house, we drank English Breakfast tea and took each others’ portraits. He took his on a 4x5 camera and Kimberley, who lives there, too, but grew up in the Bayou, showed us the embroidery she does on shirt collars- little flowers and patterns- when she’s not driving her cab at night in city. We played dress up, talked photography and remastered the ladder stitch.

Stay tuned for part 2!

The Worst Wax Museum

Excuse me for being a little late on this, The Worst Wax Museum in America, but I couldn't manage to write anything about it because I've been cackling over it for the last 3 days. Go on over to VICE and check out their experience at Hollywood Wax Museum. Because it is hilarious. Because all the wax figures are terrible. Or the wax figures are okay, but they're from the worst movies ever. OMG, never have I wanted to go to L.A. more. —Katie


Wanderlust: Our Southern Road Trip

Directed and Edited by Lina Plioplyte; Styled by Doria Santlofer; Produced by Annie Powers and Doria Santlofer

With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road.


Doria Santlofer is a stylist for magazines including Seventeen, Nylon, Foam and Dossier Journal. To prep for the trip, she packed her favorite summery dresses, colorful crop tops and cool sunglasses from Urban's spring/summer collection.


Annie Powers is a photographer living in Brooklyn and always has a camera around her arm. Annie takes documentary and fashion photos in NYC, and after a long winter it was time to get out of the city!


The two set out for the South in their VW Beetle aiming to shoot cute new UO looks on people they met along the way. They linked up with friend and filmmaker, Lina Plioplyte, who has shot and edited videos for Calvin Klein, Coach, Nylon and Nowness.

After days of BBQ, country music, skinny dipping and of course, countless impromptu photoshoots, the road trip was complete. See the photos and read about their new friends in the week to come!

For more on the team:
See Doria's styling here & here
Check out Annie's photos here & here
Watch Lina's videos here
Follow all of their future adventures and see outtakes from the road trip on Instagram! @doriasantlofer @lina_land

Trend: Travel Bags

Travel bags are obviously a necessity for every trip, and maybe it's time for a new one! Like me, you probably have a boring, black rolling suitcase or duffle bag that you've had in your family for far too long! This is a sign that you are on the hunt for a brand new fancy travel bag to pack your things in when you go on adventures this summer. UO has duffles, backpacks, and tote bags galore. Maddie

Deena & Ozzy Medium Army Duffle Bag
This bag is perfect because it looks like it'll fit just about everything. Also, you can clearly carry it easily.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Weekender Bag
Digging this classy leather trimmed take on the duffle.

Carrot Map Backpack
If you're not in the market for a duffle or tote, go for this world traveling inclined backpack. That map print is too cute.

All-Son Canvas Rucksack
So many compartments for all of the things. ALL of them!

LIEBESKIND Berlin Stella Tote Bag
This tote will be prime for airplane travel; slide all of your things right in and under your seat.

Filson Red Label Tote Bag
Tote bags aren't just for the ladies, guys. You can throw everything you couldn't fit in your duffle bag into this sleek and minimal black tote.

Shop Bags for Men and Women.

NXNE: Weekend Recap Part 2

Saturday gleamed of daytime merrymaking. There was not a single event that seemed missable. But since we cannot (yet) willfully clone ourselves to attend and experience multiple things at the same time, difficult decisions had to be made. —Katie

In the morning, the NXNE Indie Market took place at Ryerson University. Small presses, independent publications, and record labels lined Gould Street, attracting curious passers-by and sleep-deprived festival attendees. While at the quad, visual artists put various works on display.

(Indie Market)

Managed to snap some style shots of those who braved the morning light for the market. (Hey, 10:30am is early in festival-time!)

Even Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, and Brendan Canning were there, manning the Arts & Crafts table like it was no big thing.

Later, AUX hosted their day party in the front room of The Garrison with Cousins, CTZNSHP, and Weaves--who all proved to be just as exciting in natural lighting!


With NXNE taking up most of our lives in this hectic June window, it's easy to filter out events that are non-music related which is something to be mindful about!

You could miss really great moments, like, I don't know, bumping into Marina Abramovic on the street? Witnessing John Malkovich save a life?! (In the latter case, though, I trust that you, too, would jump in and help, instead of gawk at the scene. Right? Right.)

That said, the moment I refused to miss that day was Jordaan Mason's book launch at Glad Day for his debut novel, The Skin Team. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but judging from the readings, the universe is in for a literary treat.

(Jordaan Mason)

And of course, NXNE 2013 would not have been done right without catching Villagers at all. Brooklyn-based Brazos played just before the Dubliners at the Great Hall and got the crowd all comfortable in floor-sitting positions--something that just needs to happen more often, especially in the midst of a bustling festival week.


And as expected, Villagers tugged at everyone's heartstrings, even compelling from the crowd a sweet sing-along to "Becoming A Jackal".

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