• A Lesson in UO's Crystals and Gemstones

    I don't know if it's the season, the people I know, or if it's just the newest fad going around, but gemstones and crystals are popping up EVERYWHERE! And it's not just because they are pretty, no no no. It's because of their "powers!" It's no secret that everyone wishes they had a little something extra—something that makes them better, harder, faster, stronger—so it only makes sense that after hearing that something as simple as a crystal or gemstone can make you happier or smarter or more confident, that you would run out and buy as many as you can, Spencer Pratt style.

    But where to begin?What color gemstone does what? Which size and shape crystal is the right one for you? What do you want from your choices?  How much is too much to spend? And are you sure what you picked is what you really wanted?

    To help with all of these burning questions, I went through our website to find all of the gemstones and crystals we have to help break down the basics for you. I'm no expert, but Google is, so take a little bit to learn about all of the possibilities these beautiful, earth-made creations can offer you and MAYBE, just maybe, you'll find the perfect one for you (and learn a little bit in the process)! —Ally

    Gold Pyrite
    Gold pyrite is sort of a jack of all trades. By giving you an increase in energy, it helps with creativity, brings clarity to your mind to help focus on tasks at hand, and even helps men and women be more assertive. Look out crushes, here we come! Oh and nightmares? It will drive those away as well as snoring, so we recommend sneaking some in your boyfriend's pillow! Important: It is important to keep pyrite within your aura (think pockets or wear it as jewelry)!

    Geodes are well known for their healing powers and their ability to boost your mood and balance out your energy. They are also known for their beauty and can be used to encourage your general well-being, while also helping with your memory. Bye bye forgetfulness, I have GEODES! (Sigh... if only Noah from the Notebook had a bought a bunch of these to give to Ally instead of spending all his money on that damn house.)

    Amethyst Geode
    Amethysts are known to be found on their own, but also within geodes, which act as a type of shell in which they grow. Amethysts have been used throughout history for their protective nature, like protecting against injuries and diseases.  They are also recognized as being useful to get rid of evil thoughts and even to help increase your intelligence! Next time you're headed for an exam, throw one of these in your pocket for a little boost in your IQ ;)

    Agate Slice
    Agate is another protection stone, known to help with minor illnesses such as an upset stomach (be sure place one of these on your solar plexus during a hangover!), and the perfect stone to carry when making an important decision. Agate is a good friend to have during an emotional time when you need strength to carry on, but while it can't change your feelings from sad to really fucking happy, it will help you to accept what you're feeling. For example: They're perfect for getting dumped because they'll help you accept that your ex was an total asshole! 

    Geo Lapis Gold Ring
    Starting early in mankind, the Lapis Lazuli has always been a highly sought after stone due to it's unique color.  It's known for it's help in jobs requiring wisdom, good judgement, problem solving and creativity. It's a stone of truth and friendship, and should be worn during deep and loving communication, during auditions in the entertainment industry, or in hopes of getting a promotion followed by long-lasting success. make sure to hold onto this baby like Rose did all those years after the Titanic!

    Rejoice The Hands Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
    Ahh, turquoise! It's beauty is well known, making it a popular stone among jewelry lovers everywhere. However, did you know about it's heavenly reputation?  While warding off negative energy, it simultaneously connects you to the natural elements of the earth—specifically water and air-based elements. It's meant to bring joy, happiness, growth and peace.  Wear it to improve relationships, attract wealth and improve your health. A strange but necessary warning: make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. IDK WHY, but why would you even want to risk preventing all of the above from coming true!?

    Vanessa Mooney The Conquered Ring
    The onyx is a stone well known for it's magical properties. Worn by those with psychic powers, the stone's intended use is to increase intuition and be a guard against harmful spells and negative thoughts. Onyx can be used for healing purposes, especially those related to the skin. It also provides strength—both physical and mental—and helps to control the wearer's emotions, something which comes in handy when dealing with addictions. Sounds all well and good, but it's one major downside is that it is said to lessen sexual desires. My suggestion? Take it off when you're headed to the club, just like you do with your wedding ring... JK, JK, JK. NEVER DO THAT, YOU HEARTBREAKER!

    Double Happiness Black Laboridite Ankara Ring
    Next on the magical stone scale is the black laboridite. Wearing this stone allows one's magical abilities to surface, opening yourself up to experiences in clairvoyancy, telepathy, psychic readings, and ultimately putting you in touch with the higher spirits (and a lot of cool stuff that Nancy Downs would have killed to do.  Oh wait, she did). Laboridite brings out the best in a person at the workplace and prevents us from acting up at inappropriate times. My question is: why isn't everyone in the world aware of this stone?! I'm getting one ASAP.

    Suncoast Delicate Druzy Necklace
    Finally, the druzy!!! This stone is recognized due to it's thousands of sparkling crystal points, making it look like pure magic. It is meant to be used alongside other gemstones and crystals, which will help with increasing it's partner's powers, while also clarifying your mind, supplying you with strength and energy, and balancing out all your chakras. While it's beautiful enough on it's own, just imagine intensifying any of the stones in this post! Like, holy shit! Just be careful: something tells me adding it to another piece of druzy might cause you to spontaneously combust from perfection. Don't say I didn't warn you.