• Blow Up! DIY

    In our latest issue of WTVR, we talked to Blow Up! girls Claire and Kristin about tips for throwing the perfect holiday soiree (er, rager). And here, they created a special holiday DIY just for us. Follow these steps to make your own Chilly Geometric Garland. 

    Decorate your winter wonderland with 3d geometric paper garland! These little ornament like gems are sure to bring bling to your party.

    You will need:
    Bone Folder
    Hot Glue Gun
    at least 4' of string
    crochet needle
    x-acto knife

    Step one: 
    Download our BLOW UP! Geometric shape templates here and print them out!

    Step two:
    Cut out the shapes using the x-acto knife and ruler for crisp edges.

    Step three: Score the interior lines of the shape with the bone folder.

    Step four: Fold together all your shapes and hot glue them shut.

    Step five: Puncture two holes with crochet needle on either side of the shape in their joining points. The triangle gets a bit tricky, so puncture a hole through one of its sides.

    Step six: String the thread through all the shapes. From the center of your string, evenly space your shapes 3" apart from each other. After setting the proper spacing, they should not shift on the string. But if they do, hot glue your sting in the holes to keep them in place. 

    Step seven: Cut the string making sure to leave enough room on either side of your shapes for hanging room. 

    Step eight: Pop some popcorn, throw on some glitter and sweet tunes because, baby, it's cold outside...

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