• On The Road: Future Islands

    Standing on a grassy knoll in the sunshine, surrounded by trees, day drinkers and taco trucks watching Future Islands play at the Pitchfork day party, was my highlight of SXSW. Fresh off their legendary Letterman performance, the band were in high spirits, burning through a 20-minute set that mixed old favorites like "Walking Through That Door," with a few tracks off their new album Singles. We gave the band a Fujifilm Instax Camera and film to chart their Austin tour and asked them to turn over their pictures for an intimate look at life on the road. Natalie

    Sam's chillin'//Mike's chillin'

    Gerrit, William and Dan//Sam post-show

    Setlist for 4AD showcase, plus all our hands//Gerrit and Sam

    Sam & Hannah//SXSW wristbands

    Bill lent us his bass amp for SXSW//Our manager Ben

    Signing posters//William and Dan's foot



    Post-show//Sam & Corey from Birmingham

    Mike & Sam backstage


    Elvis' plane, the "Lisa Marie"