• On The Road: Woman's Hour

    Meeting up with one half of London-based Woman's Hour at the tail end of SXSW showed just how exhausting the whole experience can be, not only for the festival-goers, but for the bands in attendance as well. After a nonstop week of playing shows and shooting Instax pics for us at SXSW, singer Fiona and keyboardist Josh were totally wiped, but chatted amiably with us on their day off about the magic of breakfast tacos, their American debut and their killer Super 8 motel party. Katie

    Choosing the quietest time of day to carry equipment through the streets was advisable.//Josh's birthday - his mum and his girlfriend both bought him comedy sunglasses. Obviously.

    Do you guys have any rituals you like to do before going on stage?
    F: I just like to be on my own. I try to find a quiet space, because I like to feel peaceful and calm, and I warm my voice up. But we all get together before we go on. Have a hug.
    J: Nothing crazy. We might have a beer. Just one [laughs].

    How many tacos do you guys plan to eat down here?
    F: We've been having breakfast tacos! We're staying with someone who lives here, so he introduced us to breakfast tacos.
    J: We don't have breakfast tacos in the U.K.
    F: To me it was such a strange idea, but now I'm totally into it.
    J: Our breakfast today was actually hamburgers. [Laughs] They were really, really good.

    Our show for BBC Introducing at the British Music Embassy.//Catching some sun on Chad's back porch.

    Is there something you made sure to bring?
    J: Power adapters! Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, passport…
    F: Oh, dry shampoo. That’s an essential.
    J: Many pairs of socks [laughs]. Nothing too specific.

    What’s been your favorite part about being here so far?
    F: For me personally, it’s been hanging out with our label [Secretly Canadian], because they’re American. We signed with them in October of last year, so it’s really cool to be in America and spend some time with them. It’s nice to meet a lot of our label mates, too. It’s felt really nice to have a kind of…
    J: Family.
    F: Yeah, we’ve spent a lot of time with those guys, just getting to know them. It’s been great. That’s what I’ve enjoyed the most.

    A building site.//On sixth street before our show at Flamingo Cantina for Under the Radar.

    What did you guys do last night?
    J: Last night we went and partied in a motel which was so surreal. A proper motel with a pool in the carpark. We’ve seen that in films so many times, I kept being like, “Take a picture of me! I’ve got to show everyone at home!”

    Was it a cool motel or was it something like a Super 8?
    J: It was a Super 8. It was really cool [laughs].

    Nick moving his hips.

    What do you hope people take away from your shows?
    F: I guess it's more about presence and giving people an idea of how good you can be if you're playing a headline show. I would just want people to connect with what we're about. I don't think anyone is here to judge on sound precisely, it's more a feeling. I'd like people to connect with the feeling that we create.

    Hanging out with the Secretly Canadian team after our showcase.//Josh taking his dream car for a spin.