• Person of Interest: Katie Gallagher

    Designer Katie Gallagher was the host for our exclusive ArtsThread party last week, so we took the opportunity to ask her what advice she would give to young, up-and-coming fashion designers.

    1. Go where the action is
    My initial thing was to move to New York. I was studying at RISD in Rhode Island, and everybody said to move to New York. I told two of the designers [at the ArtsThread event] who live in London that to start, they should probably come to New York. You can't go to L.A. or anywhere else. They told me they wanted to come to the U.S., but I said Nope, you only have to come to New York! It's good for young designers and design in general.

    2. Get an internship 
    There's not any kind of formula. I interned, of course. I interned for Anna Sui and threeASFOUR. Anna Sui was really good for me because Anna Sui was really corporate, and it taught me all the different areas in Midtown to take fabric to, and other things. I used to write down addresses for god knows what reason, but it was just in case I ever wanted to put buttons on a shirt and not have to do it myself. threeASFOUR was kind of different because it was more avant-garde. I was sewing for threeASFOUR and doing a lot of hands-on work, which was really different from the corporate world of Anna Sui. My advice to young designers would be to try to get a medium [balance] of both of those [worlds] if you can. threeASFOUR is really special, and I don't think it's easy to find that in New York. It's like interning for me, where you have to do a lot of actual labor!

    3. Get involved in initiatives like ArtsThread 
    I just really liked seeing the clothes [the winning designers created]. It's really important for young people to get exposed this way. It's something that I never had, and it would have been amazing. My favorite piece from the UO x ArtsThread collection is the black jumpsuit because I would wear that.